Ferruccio Gard | Floriano De Santi
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Floriano De Santi

(from the presentation of the personal exhibition “La disarmonica armonia”, Rovigo, Pinacoteca Accademia dei Concordi e Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna Peschiera Nuova, May-June 1999)

Gard tends to regain the unity of the infinity broken by its necessary division into finite elements, felt as projections of the primitive archè. And so the contrast, the numerous is nothing but the main element to check the hypothesis of the unity, and that not dramatically but as in a demonstrations at the blackboard of the world. In Kaos and in Definizione policroma -both of 1999- Gard’s abstraction is destined to trasform itself into an answer to the organic solicitation of the universe, given through an inorganic language. The event, the wait, the end of something arises where only an incalculable modulation was in force, at the beginning. All this happens exactly through the subtest reckoning, just the calculation humanises a vicissitude, otherwise innuman, tacking away the mere mechanical function from the cosmos organization. The calculation introduces it in a sort of psychic room which regenerates its quantity into its quality like what happens in Zen thought; independent chromatic zones still hot, still setting as expanced starts, refer to a matter continuosly expanding, burnt, and incandescent.