Ferruccio Gard | Gard’s colour
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Gard’s colour

Colour for me is not coloration. It’s production, non reproduction.



…this is Gard, an artist unlike any others.

Giuseppe Marchiori, Venezia 1973


…He is not therefore an “optical” painter, one of those who simply draw and then colour in, but a painter whose sensibility manages to combine to magical effect the two perpetual protagonists of panting: “Form and Colour”.

Piero Dorazio, Mantova 1988


His colors really touched me deeply.

Jorge Amado, Bahia 1995


…sensory perception of color as a factor in mental.

Tommaso Trini, Padova 1995


…Epigenesis of the light. The universe will become painting.

Achille Bonito Oliva, Aosta 1998


…beneath the fractal tangle what always remains in the effervescenze of colour.

Renato Barilli, Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 1999


The colour? For Gard colour is life within life.

Pierre Restany, Parigi 2000


…one of the few capable of examining objectively and seductively the mysterious rapport with color.

Claudio Cerritelli, Milano 2003


…It is as if Gard revalued the absolute and universal valences of colour in a new key…

Luca Massimo Barbero, Torino 2004


…Colour is the eternal flame that burns in his paintings…

Giovanni Granzotto, Praga 2008


…joyous and luminous colours that radiate serenity.

Luciano Caramel, Venezia 2009


“Gard’s colors instil energy and optimism, they are a hymn to the zest for life”

Eugenio Carmi, abstract painter, amongst the masters of the 1990s in Italy, Milan, 2005


“Of Gard I mostly like the colors. The one I like the most is the yellow. Gard is the Italian artist who makes one the most beautiful yellows”

Titina Maselli, famous Italian painter, actress and scenographer, Roma 2000