Ferruccio Gard | Enzo Di Martino – GARD, DIALOGUE WITH THE COLOUR
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(Il Gazzettino, Venice, 16 October 2015).

Despite having participated several times at the Venice Biennale and have exhibited in museumsin many European cities, this exhibition at the International Museum of Modern Art in Ca ‘Pesaro It is certainly a celebration for Ferruccio Gard, in what has become
his adopted city. And his painting, perhaps the meeting with the Venetian colors, assumes the Seventies declination that the artist will give his long search for expression.
… The exhibition, curated by Gabriella Belli and with a catalog text by Beatrice Buscaroli, documentsthe entire artistic career of Ferruccio Gard that could be called a “dialogue with the color.” His painting can be called a kind of “Constructivism Mediterranean” because within
strict geometric structures the artist inserts a special sensitivity of “chromatic”
in an interesting duality that, in hindsight, has always characterized the whole work of Gard…. And ‘interesting to note that the painting of Gard in the last three years has returned to the already know geometric structure but with a sort of “lowering” of the role of color, in a simplicity which, as known also Gabriella Belli, is almost at the limit of black and white.