Ferruccio Gard | Sebastiano Grasso – A PORTRAIT THE MATTER HOW IT WORKS
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(Elzeviro / Ferruccio Gard in Venice, Corriere della Sera, November 24, 2015).

Someone called them “portraits of matter.” That seem to vibrate, however, and living life own. Can a pure “color” to give emotions ?, we were asked. He also becomes the character? Through the play of light, space and form inserted in geometric frames, Gard has always tried one or the other way. Frames that, Achille Bonito Oliva, were creating “formal machines that contained within it the idea of the construction and dell’Incastro”. In fact, Gard started in the seventies, kinetic art (one that introduces movement in the various works of art, movement that can be real or caused by an optical illusion) to arrive at the op art (programmed art and concrete). In this sense, its path has always been linear. It continues to be so in the Venetian exhibition at the Museum of Ca ‘Pesaro curated by Gabriella Belli. Shows that – said Enzo Di Martino, critic who follows Gard for decades – it becomes a kind of consecration for the author.
… The last color research pointing on the optical. And ‘the triumph of the white, black and gray various shades, which are added, at most, a couple of colors. It comes back to what the “Corriere”, in its time, Riccardo Barletta had called “a post-modern abstractionism, lyrical and, in addition, cognitive. “