Ferruccio Gard | Renato Barilli
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Renato Barilli

(from the presentation of the personal exhibition “La fissione del colore”, Belluno, Palazzo Crepadona; Cortina d’Ampezzo, Museo d’Arte Moderna “Mario Rimoldi”, 1999).

It is as if we were invited to admire -but from a safe distance- the infinite phenomenology of volcanic eruptions, or the processes of atomic fusion, or the adventures of a piece of extraterrestrial life come to fry here, on the earth, in alien conditions. Or perhaps we have been summoned to witness an experimental blending of new viruses, which could become fearsomely aggressive, were it not for the rigid perfection of those providential barriers. The manifestations of disorder, of primeval chaos, intrigue and fascinate us, but we always like a modicum of order to act as a filter. And Ferruccio Gard’s art is concerned to reconcile both sides of the question.