Ferruccio Gard | Luca Massimo Barbero – Ratio Picta – 2004
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Luca Massimo Barbero – Ratio Picta – 2004

( from the presentation of the anthological exhibition “ Ratio Picta”, Regione Piemonte, as part of the series “ The Living Piedmontese Masters”, Turin, Sala Bolaffi, December 2004 – January 2005 )

….Gard, from the very outset, from his very first painted optical compositions, has sought nothing other than the Reason to represent, to paint “ naturally” on infinite seduction like that of the relations, of the optical correspondences, of the depths of every possible combination between geometrical figures and the immense space of the relationship among colours…

…In this way his art comes close to the very essence of painting…Colour unravels the thread of its own self-narration. It is as if Gard revalued the absolute and universal valences of colour in a new key and…for the first time sought to make the dancing high notes of abstraction literally sing in magmatic and pondered signs that invade every space in nuclear fashion, expanding, vibrating and pulsating in a space that becomes yet again a desire of infinity.