Ferruccio Gard | Beatrice Buscaroli WEN THE RETINA IS NOT ENOUGH– 2015
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Beatrice Buscaroli WEN THE RETINA IS NOT ENOUGH– 2015

( from the presentation of the anthology exhibition 1969-2015 “ Chromatism and optical art”, International Gallery of Modern Art, Ca’ Pesaro, Foundation Museums of Venice ).

While Vasarely’s purpose is to blunt, if not eliminate, any psychology, all references to the practice of painting of sentiment, the “heart”, Gard’s is to maintain a balance between the constructive rigor of color-form and “feeling,” between visual perception and movements of the soul. In short, the retina is not everything: what we see is a manifestation of an attempt, a hope, for an absolute that art must need confront. The seduction of space and the seduction of color seem to mark the compositional variables that accompany the art of Ferruccio Gard, from the variations of the seventies to the most recent modular changes. …”Character and feeling alter from painting to painting without any additional “handwriting” or, so-called, texture,” stated Josef Albers coming to Black Mountain College in 1933, after the closure of the Bauhaus. This reference is probably the most appropriate gauge for judging the art of Gard. The artist is cognizant that to use color you need to know that it deceives time. And that color with multiple variations generates endless possibilities of perception, as well as musical rhythms that justify the utopia we call art, setting continuous flow into form.